Thursday, December 10, 2009


So, not HCG+ at this point, but hoping to be. I didn't want this to become a TTC blog, but that's what's happening in that department, so there it is. But I swear I will NOT use cutesy crap jargon like "BD" ("baby dance") to mean sex, nor "BFP" ("big fat positive") to mean positive pregnancy test...ick. Yuck. I may use jargon of my own devising, though I hope it won't be cutesy. Bleh!

I picture ovulation at this point as my stopping by a store that closes at 5, at 4:45pm. Also, the coupon I have expires today, so I can't come back tomorrow. The lady behind the counter--for some reason--is only allowed to bring down ONE egg package from the upstairs storage at a time, and a lot of them are not usable. But there's no way to know which ones until we open the complicated packaging each time.

I did consider going to a fertility specialist. After looking into the possible interventions and a lot of reflection, I realized that there was only one procedure I would even consider, which would be taking something (probably Clomid) to increase ovulation. Get that counter lady to hurry up and bring down several packages at once. I'm just not feeling very into medical intervention stuff after last summer.

I read a number of things about using soy isoflavones as a "natural" (whatever that really means) Clomid-type ovulation stimulator, so that's what I'm going for.

So here's my "regimen." I'm not a doctor--or rather, I am, but I'm not a physician--so check with yours before you try anything crazy. I'm not doing everything I found, but a few select ones.

Soy isoflavones, 120mg, cycle days 3-7. (ovulation stimulation)
Baby aspirin (81mg) daily after period stops until 1 week after positive pregnancy test or until menstruation. (builds uterine lining)
Evening primrose oil as per package instructions, day of positive ovulation test (aids cervical mucus production)
Guafenisin syrup as package instruction, day of positive O (thins mucus to aid sperm travels) -- I was actually using this for a cold when we conceived my son, and didn't know that people use it for that purpose
Multivitamins, of course.

The soy appears to have done some stimulation or other, as the line on the ovulation test this month is much darker than usual. We'll see.