Thursday, February 11, 2010


Waiting to see if today ends with pregnancy or otherwise.  Should be today, but there's still time left in the day.  I can't test as I usually do when impatient because I can't get out to buy a test due to the snow situation.  Well, I'll just have to be patient, I guess.  Or wait impatiently, alternatively.
Last month I thought that my luteal phase lasted a day longer than usual (for me) but in retrospect I think I anticipated ovulation a day early.  My results on those o-tests start getting dark several days beforehand, and sometimes the "day before" is very close in appearance to the "day of."  So this month I was very careful in not counting it until the test line was definitely as dark as the control line.
Anyway, impatiently waiting to see if anything happens today. I wish I had a test so I could just know without waiting!


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