Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Tests

I have an appointment for an ultrasound in a couple of hours.  Basically, they want to make sure that everything's out.  I really don't want to go, and not just because of the hassle of traveling with a broken leg. I don't want people intruding on my private grief with medical interventions and monitors and instruments and writing it all down in their records.  I'm irrationally angry at the OB-GYN practice overall.  Maybe if I'd had a great experience with that midwife, I wouldn't feel that way.  I almost feel like she cursed me or something!  (I know this is not the case--I just feel resentful at her.)  Anyway, I don't want to go today, and they sure as heck better not tell me that they have to do a D&E anyway.  And I'm sick of this stupid cast already.
Stupid everything.


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