Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Once Again

This month, doing same regimen as before except increased isoflavone mgs to 160. There was so much going on here at home on day 4 (holidays and so forth) that I wasn't sure if I took them that morning or not, which is unusual for me. But at any rate, it's not like I'm not ovulating anyway--I'm just trying to "enhance" it.
Ovulation went to day 15 this cycle; it had been day 13 the past couple times. My cycles got really short for a few months right after the miscarriage. My first reaction was that I was going menopausal (especially having a couple of 21- and 22- day cycles), but I think it was a temporary adjustment.
Now my only worry is that I won't have enough viable eggs left (just turned 42). However, my mother had lots of kids late (last one at 42) and my father's mother had kids late, too--though I don't know how old she was with her last one.
Well, okay, my other worry is that we will have another baby and I will never, ever be allowed to sleep again, considering the sleep issues we already have had (and are still having) with the current one. Geez.
Now's just the 12-day postluteal wait again.


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