Monday, July 13, 2009

Generally. (Week 7 or 9 Depending)

That is, depending whether one counts accurately or in that estimatey way that annoys me unreasonably.
Still not feeling as bad as last time.  Not nearly.  I'm certain this is at least partly because I weigh more this time.  Also contributing may be the fact that I'm not struggling to work my behind off through the pregnancy tiredness as I had to last time.  I am still tired most of the time and have near-nausea at times, though so far the high-protein thing seems to stave off anything more serious. 
The weirdest things seem to trigger my almost-nausea: for example, the smell of baking bread (which normally is one of my favorite smells), even though diesel and latex paint still smell nice to me.  Being on the computer, watching a video, or reading are also somewhat nauseous for me.
I do crave lime pickle again (Mother's brand), which is terrible because I can't find a source here.  So far.  May have to find it online or something.
I'm at that stage where I just look fat and blobby around the middle, rather than pregnant.  Wearing a maternity top does make me look slimmer and more pregnant, however.  But my old ones are packed away, of course, never to be used again.  Sniff.
I definitely get depressed from being pregnant, although it's often hard to sort that out from various life events. But it's a sort of sodden and miserably unmotivated feeling.  It's more intense when the nausea is higher.  Also, I used to get depressed on the pill (the first one I took), suggesting to me that a lot of it is in fact hormonal.
Must get going on signing up for birth classes, finding a midwife, etc.  Bleh.


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